NESCAC Nancy: Dinosaur Kittens & ampersands

Just an average NARPrincess living in an ol’ boys world

When I was 10, I was in a band called The Dinosaur Kittens. I wrote a lot of songs about love and how I liked the way the guido Backstreet Boy  clutched his microphone (all very metaphorical of course.)

Yesterday I picked up the old Toys R Us drumset for the first time in a while and penned “Your Sweatpants Were Made for My Stilettos.”  It was like, the inspiration came so fast I only had minutes to write it down or I would have lost the whole thing. Now I understand what artists mean when they talk about their muse. Selena Gomez’s image just took over my head–  she was smiling and encouraging me…it was beautiful.

The ratio of polyfibers and elastic/ Makes my walk of shame fantastic/ I will cherish these forever/ In a safe place, wrapped with plastic.

Sometimes when I walk past a group of construction workers I like to whistle and say “dayummmm.”

^That’s called irony. Irony is a literary device invoked to make small talk among people who are vastly more drunk than you are. Like “Does anybody else find it ironic that ‘muffin tops’ and ‘crop tops’ both end in tops?” Parrot Bay says they do.

On Friday some chick at the office gave me the stink eye. Congratulations on being pretty and able to answer a phone. Guess which one of those accolades got you your job? #upenngrad

Also at work I taught myself how to draw an ampersand. Holy shit those things look nothing like you thought they looked when you actually look closely at them. Gamechanger.


Stay tuned for more “NESCAC Nancy” coming soon…

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