WesACB is back in ‘Cac

Thanks to an anonymous do- gooder with CS know- how Wes students are wrenching the paper bag away from their collective face as hyperventilation ceases and giddy vitriol spitting begins.

Yes, it’s back. And it was easy as fahhhhk to do.

Wesleying “I used a minimalist message board I programmed from scratch between 2003-2004 as the base. I “skinned” the old ACB HTML/CSS over the thread and message list pages, converted it to anonymous posting, added a Captcha and did various other things I’ve since forgot – mostly security stuff. For instance, there’s a script that wipes out old IP addresses from the database that I’ll install as soon as I can get IIS to run a quasi-Crontab application. Oh, and I added the Private Messaging system, which works exactly the way the old ACB’s PM system used to work. As far as the old layout goes, all that stuff is retrievable on archive.org. And a WesACB user who will go unnamed (thanks dude!) helped a lot by sending me a cached copy of the message list screen.”

You know what a quasi- Crontab is AND you’ve chosen anonymity over endless popularity?! You can break my reply thread N E time.

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