That’s enough, Tom Brady

Etc, e.g., i.e., and n.b. from the sports world today:

-Seriously, Tom. Cut it out. It–whatever it may be–is not working, and you’re making New England look like douchers.



-Do we ever. Also, somewhere, someone gets paid to tweet for ESPN.

-John Isner and Nicholas Mahut, who are tennis players, played today, which is unremarkable except for the fact that this match was nine hours shorter than their previous Wimbledon match.

-Speaking of tennis, the All-Americans were announced today. Per usual, the ‘Cac dominated.

The men: National Champion Amherst’s Austin Chafetz ’12, Mark Kahan ’13, Moritz Koenig ’11, Luis Rattenhuber ’13 and Wes Waterman ’12, Bates’ Matt Bettles ’13, Bowdoin’s National Champion Doubles Team Oscar Pena ’12 and Stephen Sullivan ’11, Middlebury’s Brantner Jones ’14 and Andrew Peters ’11, Trinity’s Anson McCook ’11, and Williams’ Felix Sun ’13.

The women: Amherst’s National Champion Doubles Team Jordan Brewer ’14 and Gabby Devlin ’14, Bowdoin’s Kellen Alberstone ’13 and Kate Winningham ’14, Middlebury’s Tori Aiello ’12 (hi!), Brittany Faber ’13 and Leah Kepping ’13, Tufts’ Shelci Bowman ’14 and Julia Browne ’11, and National Champion Williams’ Kristin Alotta ’12, Lucy Marchese ’11, Nikki Reich ’11 and Nancy Worley ’13.


-Our leader / founder / master blame_me outs herself as a pink hat fan.  A pinky, as we call you at home. I personally see nothing wrong with it. It’s way better than being out-knowledged by your girlfriend in front of your friends at a party in high school when you were 15. Hey, blame_me, I’ve got a July 27 Sox ticket with your name on it. Holla @ me.

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