A very Presidential road trip

All that’s missing is a Lincoln town car for Zach Schonfeld Wes ’13, as he travels around the country visiting the birthplaces of Presidents. Funded by Wes’s Olin fellowship, Zach is blogging about what he learns (check it out.)

Here’s some facts from the trip so far:

1. Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace has its own Twitter @TRBirthplaceNPS (how confused would they be if we all started following them?)

2. Depressingly few people in Virginia have actually heard of Wesleyan

3. A Bed and Breakfast is never just a Bed and Breakfast: deep thoughts from the deep South

We wish Zach the best of luck and the lowest of gas prices (oh yeah, Olin’s paying #putitonmytab!) Are you doing something equally as awesome this summer? Tell us about it inthecac@gmail.com.


Guess which President this is (hint: served two nonconsecutive terms)

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