Crimes Against Humanity

Ok, that was a tad dramatic, but there is nothing that gets me more upset than self- congratulatory Ivy League coffee table books. With the advent of Take Ivy 8, a photobook chronicling the history of Ivy League fashion (whatever that is) I would like to throw my influence in the direction of Take ‘Cac 11.

Here’s a preview:

Bowdoin, 1964

Conn, pre- men


Colby, 1930

Bates, 1968

Tufts, 1972

Bowdoin, some time in the 80’s

Wesleyan, protest era whenever (photo credit Argus)

An injured student lies on Fountain Ave. after Public Safety and police officers broke up the crowd.

Bowdoin College, IN YOUR PANTS

Good god, if this doesn’t ruin your pants, nothing will

I’m expecting a call from my publisher any minute.

One thought on “Crimes Against Humanity

  1. I DIED when I scrolled down and came face-to-face with Bot’s Blue Steel.

    And the 80’s photo? I see what you did there.

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