What are these countries doing? I can’t count how many times my buddies and I have been watching the US Men’s soccer team and someone has said, “Can you guys imagine if the best athletes in our country played soccer??” Yes, we’ve all seen Ochoc(h?)inco’s semi-legit try-out with Sporting KC (note the reporter, hundy percent Wes grad ((and the milfy soccer mom interview))) but what if  he had been playing since he was a kid? Dude would be filthy.  So translate that logic to Sepaktakraw.  The coach of the Thai national soccer team has got to be some sort of helmet to not recruit these guys.  Imagine a Thai soccer team featuring these fucking badasses jacking top titty off literally any lobbed ball (pure class).  World Cup run no doubt……..

Rainy days off in Chatham call for things like this to happen, big ups to Diego for the put-on #thirstday

comin in hot.

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