RIP Peter Falk, ‘Cac alum (kinda)

Before he starred as a quirky detective on beloved television series Columbo, Peter Falk was a Hamilton College dropout. The New York native was nominated for two Oscars and acted in an original Arthur Miller stage production. Falk loved baseball, and here is my favorite story from his high school days:

NYT“Mr. Falk had a glass eye, resulting from an operation to remove a cancerous tumor when he was 3…in spite of his missing eye, he was a high school athlete. In one story he liked to tell, after being called out at third base during a baseball game, he removed his eye and handed it to the umpire.

“You’ll do better with this,” he said.”

Please excuse us for claiming you as one of our own, how could we not? Rest in Peace Mr. Falk.

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