In Which the ‘Cac’s Collective Man Crush on the Jimmer Comes to Fruition

Etc, e.g., i.e., and n.b. from the sports world this weekend:

-The NBA Draft happened. Affluent 18-24-year-old white male (just like you) Jimmer Fredette will take his talents to Sacramento. Don’t act like you’re not excited.

The Jimmer is talented enough to garner a rare cross-racial NBA comparison (noted hood rat Eddie House) by some draft nerds. How many slow crossovers into pull up 40-footers does a white dude have to make before he can shake the dreaded Mark Price / Steve Blake label?

My new favorite thing is setting betting odds for random things. So let’s play “What’s Jimmer Fredette’s rookie scoring average?” The over-under is 12.5. Over is a slight favorite at -130. Under is the underdog at +140.

I think you’ve gotta hammer the under. Look at those odds. Get ’em while they’re hot. Bets in the comment section are appreciated but will not be honored.

-The sadness behind Roger Federer’s “still” phase. And how he still just inspires us to laugh. Grantland, I’m coming for you.

By the way, I think it would be an absolute travesty if Rafael Nadal goes down as the better player than Federer. He was not.

-El Pres and the Sales Guy (I think? Musky?) roll through my hood. “Dude we’re in, like, Quincy, I don’t know, like, these people…the kid almost fought me for, like, video-taping him.” You said it.

Addendum: nobody goes to Wollaston Beach to swim. It’s Boston Harbor; your bong water is more appetizing. High-school kids go there when they can’t find open houses and drink from cleverly hidden bottles, and undercover cops rock heavy-as-shit hockey jerseys in the summer trying to look like normal bros and don’t catch any kids.

-And thanks to blame_me for the birthday tweet. That was just wonderful. I’ve never been so proud to be called sterile.

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