Interview with a Uscoop founder


Illustrated by pictures from a recent Uscoop post highlighting the Midd flatbrim trend. FTW. Midd, Tufts, and Trinity are the only schools #inthecac with ambassadors and they are looking to go 11 for 11.

Haven’t heard of Uscoop? Read on, it’s pretty chill.

Every day he's hustling

The ‘Cac: How did the idea for Uscoop come about?

September: My business partner, Maddy and I came up with the idea for Uscoop after we graduated from Penn in 2009. Throughout college, we spent most of our time online but quickly realized there were no appealing lifestyle websites that resonated with our age group, the 18-24 yr old demographic. We worked on the business plan on nights and weekends and simultaneously joined a young company that was looking to target the college audience, Bungalow. Maddy managed their wholesale division as they grew their distribution to over 2000 independent retailers while I launched and managed their e-commerce site. At Bungalow, we tested a couple of deal sites, which targeted moms and turned out to be an extremely successful form of marketing. As we continued to flesh out the idea for Uscoop, we realized we could pair deals for students with our lifestyle content. We brought on our third co-founder, Jocelyn, Maddy’s sister and finance guru, and a year later took the leap to launch

Graciously saving us from a face that would launch 1,000 ships #conflictprevention

The ‘Cac: What is the best way for students to maximize Uscoop? How can students get involved?

September: Students can take advantage of Uscoop by signing up to become a member. Each week, we send 3-4 emails, which highlight trends across campuses in our Campus Style Watch and Campus Cribs stories. We link what the featured students are wearing or what they are using to decorate their
dorm rooms to an online retail store, whose products support the trends pictured. Students can buy discounted e-gift cards on Uscoop to these e-commerce sites. Students can also visit the site daily to browse the lifestyle content: what life is like at other colleges, style trends replicated across campuses, university-specific traditions, internship profiles, students dorm rooms and off-campus living spaces…etc.

Addison County

We are about to launch a brand new website on Monday, which will also allow students to upload pictures of themselves and of their friends each week to answer questions that we pose. Students will vote on these pictures directly on the site, and the winners will receive prizes at the end of each week.

Students can get involved by emailing us at We are always looking for new campus ambassadors and are excited by the great deal of interest we have had so far. We currently manage a team of fifty campus ambassadors who source all of the content we feature and help spread the word on their campus. It is an exciting company to be a part of because the campus ambassadors are eager to have their friends featured on the site, allowing them the opportunity to feel like celebrities.

"It is an exciting company to be a part of because the campus ambassadors are eager to have their friends featured on the site, allowing them the opportunity to feel like celebrities."

The ‘Cac: What types of deals have you offered in the past?

September: We have offered deals on a range of products. Some of our most popular have been: 50% off, 50% off, 30% off +Free Shipping on, 50% off, and 40% off Tucker Blair Needlepoint Belts.

Hey, I think your panties fell?

The ‘Cac: How do you negotiate with companies to offer discounts?

September: We have worked very hard to create a cool brand that students trust; therefore, we only approach companies whose products are a reflection of the trends we see on campuses. Companies recognize the value of the niche market but even more importantly want to associate their brand with
Uscoop because they like the concept and the look and feel of the site. Many of the companies have started to approach us now that we have built a loyal following, but we are still very selective about which companies we choose to feature.

Weener? #takeit

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