Shut up Jodie, we all know you got a B+

Lately I’ve been wondering whether college girls and college guys have a fundamentally different sense of humor. In the blogosphere it seems to be that the formula for good humor is consistent despite gender, although the style of expression changes.


Well, let’s just say my friends and I spend a lot of time joking about people of the opposite sex. We have nicknames for all of them, and a lot of stories which over time become exaggerated.

Sound familiar?

Yet, yet. It’s hard to find a joke funny when it’s at your expense. Hence the great cleave in college humor. Mainly due to


Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. What guys share in the privacy of their own lunch table is none of my business. Likewise, what ten girls share when they go into one bathroom stall is something most guys will only dream of.

In my opinion, a 10/10 homerun I need to change my underpants funny blog is the perfect mixture of two extremes:  contrived cockswag and self- deprecation.  BALANCE is key.

A post that is too heavy on self- deprecation is too pathetic sounding to engage my interest beyond “You’d think by the fifth time I zipped my scrotum in my fly I would learn my lesson.”

Similarly, too much self-assurance, even if it’s obviously an act, comes across as arrogant and abrasive. I won’t read beyond “It is rumored that Jesus Christ stole his religion from my God- like prowess on the squash court.”

I’ve seen you play squash. You’re Zoroastrian at best.

When girls try to sound like guys it’s obvious, as anyone who has read posts by “the chick” on Barstool can attest. By trying so hard to be cocky she loses that element of self- deprecation that is annoyingly inherent to women. “OMG, I just failed econ.” Shut up Jodie, we all know you got a B+.

Guys, if you’re going to adopt the persona of a misogynist you better be sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are spelling koozie correctly.  And without fail that guy in every group who says “I struck out last night, chick couldn’t handle my swag” when it was obviously his pit stains and not his swag that she couldn’t handle stops being funny by Junior year.

The amount that you still pretend to be his friend is directly proportional to his level of affluence. #honesty

In tribute to Stuff NESCAC Students Like #50 here’s my favorite funny female Tina Fey, who also apparently likes the Snuggy “ from a purely marketing perspective.”

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