Colby’s Adam Marshall Breaks Game, Wins Again

-Colby’s Adam Marshall ’12 had such an insurmountable lead going into Final Jeopardy! that the computer screens short-circuited, the power went out, and Alex Trebek ceased to be. No, but really, by racking up $21,000 in the first two rounds, Adam easily doubled Chris and Polly’s paltry COMBINED score of $8,000, and then some.

A nine-letter word for bad weather on a Daily Double sealed the deal for “Young Adam” (as Trebek could not stop calling him). “Inclement.” You sly dog.

Oh, and because he could, Adam bet $4,000 on Final Jeopardy! anyway. Of course he got it correct.

His two-day total, $51,000 and change. Still not enough for a year of Colby. Rough.

3 thoughts on “Colby’s Adam Marshall Breaks Game, Wins Again

    • This is actually directed to Fine China, not Glenn, but I’m new here and only found the site because I play ultimate and my sister went to Colby (’92). Anyway… Adam’s lead going into FJ was insurmountable, just not so much as you say. Chris had 8200 and Polly had 5800 for a total of 14,000, well below Adam’s 21,200. Chris and Polly’s combined score was 8000 when Adam found a Daily Double. Very impressive run so far, including knocking off a 5x champ in Jay Rhee–I hope he can keep it going.

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