Tweets of the week

1. So is your dragon trained or untrained?

2. When is colon flush day?

3. Whoever said technology will be the downfall of humanity is an asshole.

4. Spray tan 2011

5. She’s not sorry Abigail, she’s not sorry.

6. When Craigslist’s Adult advertising section closed, Twitter stepped up to fill the void.

7. TMI= Tweet My Indiscretions

8. Yet another livetweet opportunity down the drain

9. see tweet 6 ^

10. …yeah!

11. This tweet has “lick it” written all over it

12. Either that’s a huge piercing or you really, really saw it

13. Nietzsche says that Walmart god is dead

14. Is “Diane” a pamphlet in the campus health center?

And Trinity gets it’s own section this week thanks to tweets like this

Pictures like this

And the 19 people who agree that they are hot and thus retweeted this tweet

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