How far can Bantam football take you?


Check out Ty ( formerly of Real World D.C.) on MTV’s The Challenge and Skip Sullivan on NBC’s Love in the Wild.

Now I know some of you are sitting at home all smug thinking “what a waste of a ‘Cac diploma.” And to that I say quit preaching and come down from your soap box derby trophy. Some people want summers off and winters that don’t involve teaching private school kids stuff they could just as easily Google on their iPhones. This doesn’t leave a lot of options…

So you do the logical thing and  follow the other goodlooking lazy people to where the streets are paved with release forms and mall appearances.

Oh the liberty! These people haven’t even heard of the ‘Cac. They aren’t going to ask you about James Joyce as you lather yourself in mud for the 5th take of the bathing suit tire roll. Hell, with a big Catholic name like Trinity you might have played Divison I football– the dating equivalent of a free tanning coupon.

So go on, scoff. Console yourself that you live in “reality.” NEWSFLASH Reality TV is reality, and anyone who says otherwise can douse their torch and go home to their hedgefund job, intelligent wife, and cute kids…sucker.

One thought on “How far can Bantam football take you?

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