The Fourth of July is Coming, the Fourth of July is Coming!

Issy, Bowdoin


Nothing gets the ‘Cac excited like the Fourth of July (with the exception of a sale on Patagonia fleece). This is the day our affinity for the American Revolution (Stuff NESCAC Students Like #1) comes to fruition through the annual rituals of Barbecuing, Parades, drinking Nattys, chillin with our fellow ‘Cac-ers on the Cape, and watching fireworks. We freakin’ LOVE the USA, and though we proclaim it at parties by chanting “U-S-A” and singing the national anthem,  it’s nice to have a day devoted to it.

A true Patriot

The first Fourth of July holiday was observed in 1777 by British officers by the firing of 13 guns at sunrise and again at sunset in Rhode Island. Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the Fourth of July (both in 1826). Don’t get us wrong, we love our country, but we like the idea of history more than the actual study of it. Needless to say we will be skipping the dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence in favor of hot dogs and fireworks.

I don't know.

Here #inthecac, we like that we can trace our heritage in some way or another to the American Revolution, and this is the weekend to show it. Whether you’re a devoted D.A.R./S.o.L. member or just an avid patriot, we hope you enjoy your liberty this weekend, and be sure to toast your ‘Cac school of choice amidst your toasts to Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

So pull out those Nantucket reds (or if you’re like us, you’ve been wearing them since May), fire up the grill, crack a Tea and relax… It’s going to be a scorching Fourth this summer.

Send us pics of your Fourth of July:

Mobile uploads from the beach, please!

‘Cac love.

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