LeBron Dunks on Camper. Uhh Yeah But He Won Right?

Look everyone from Barstool to Deadspin is giving HOW DARE YOU CALL ME LEBRON MY NAME IS KING JAMES flak for this video, in which he dunks on a little kid who happened to get in the way of FLIGHT 236.

But not me, no sir. I applaud LeBron. Look everybody knows the first step to winning NBA Championships is winning knockout against a bunch of punks paying thousands of dollars to go to your camp. And if you happen to crack some skulls in the process, well, sucks to suck (but not for you, remember, you’re LEBRON JAMES ™).

In fact, I like this drive out of LeBron. He’s showing no mercy. He’s showing Dirk Nowitzki what’s really good in the hood. What this video doesn’t show is the aftermath: LeBron finding a quiet place after this throwdown and taking a knee to thank all of those who’ve helped him (namely, LeBron, LeBron James ™, God (can’t forget about God) and LeBron) (skip to 2:40).

Say what you want about LeBron. Call him a douche. But don’t you dare say he doesn’t dominate inferior competition. That’s his best trait (obviously not his jump shot). Take that away from him and, well, I guess he has the same amount of rings he has now.

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