Marketing 101

Picture this: you are on the advertising team for Miracle Whip. It’s 3 in the afternoon, you’re sitting around a table in a deluge of Starbucks cups, when finally  somebody pitches an idea: “Hey, let’s do an ANTI commercial, you know have someone say they don’t like our product…that’s rarely been done, right?” The guy at the end of the table stretches and cracks his back over the top of his leather rolling chair for what seems like the 5th time in 10 minutes. You avert your eyes and hope he retucks his shirt over his nauseating Chipotle nursery aka stomach. “Yeah,” he says slowly, exuding wafts of Carnitas and sweet corn salsa, “But it would have to be someone that nobody likes, like they say they don’t like Miracle Whip and everyone goes out and buys it in bulk…reverse psychology or whatever.” New Guy stops playing footsie with the woman to his left and reading about Rastafarians on Wiki, “But where,” he says, “would we find such a person?”

Where indeed…

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