Snapshot of Independence

While most of my day was spent near the water…

A little bit patriotic. - Photo by Elodie Reed

(which is not a bad deal, if you ask me), my favorite part of this years’ 4th was watching a little parade in a small VT town right on the edge of Lake Champlain (Middlebury I’d give you a shout out but wasn’t really near you, so…). It was super fun taking pictures of the cute kids, and getting a ton of candy thrown at us was pretty sweet as well.

Jackpot! - Photo by Elodie Reed.

I’m a bit of a photography freak (side effect of being the photo editor for Amherst’s yearbook and artistically challenged in other mediums). I try to use my mom’s old 35mm film camera (which is why you won’t be seeing my photos from today, at least right now) as often as possible, just because it feels more photography-y.  I’ve been surfing the internet lately, looking at different types of cameras that give you cool effects, and I found the greatest website, Their description:

We believe in doing one thing, and doing it very, very well

We find the best photo shiz anywhere

Congratulations. It’s your lucky day! Own a digital camera? Taken a bajillion photos with it? Maybe even printed a few? 

You’re in the right place. 

We find the most kick-ass photo tips, projects, and more…

  • Turn a photo into a mural in 5 minutes flat
  • Print your friends’ faces onto cupcakes
  • Get a bottlecap that turns a water bottle into a tripod

Join and we’ll show you how. It’s free, we never spam, and it’s easy to unsubscribe. 

They’re pretty rad – the staff are very nice (had a fun email chain with one), they use hip/cool kid speak and their products are awesome!!! They also send you free dinosaur toys with each purchase… what??

Reminding you of the good old days of "Land Before Time"

For anyone who is even thinking of taking photos (hopefully most of you reading this blog since there are PLENTY of great photo moments in any ‘Cac school setting), please, please check these dudes out.

They'll be happy to see you!

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