An Interview With Colby’s Adam Marshall ’12, He Of The Oversized Brain

Oh yeah, you better believe we here at In The ‘Cac are still trying to capitalize on Adam Marshall’s two Jeopardy! wins. It would be a disservice (to ourselves) not to. We were able to score this highly exclusive interview with Young Adam. Our blogger McShaq may or may not have been slightly inebriated whilst thinking of questions. You’re welcome.

‘Cac: What was the process for getting on the show? / How long did you have to prepare?

Adam: I took an online test in the spring of freshman year, then got invited to one of the in-person auditions they hold in various cities. At the in-person audition I took a similar test to verify the results, then played some sample questions in front of the contestant coordinators. I got the call on February 1st, and the tapings were March 1st and 2nd.

‘Cac: Did you study? Or are you just the fucking man and knew everything?

Adam: Yes.

‘Cac: Why did you choose big people Jeopardy instead of collegiate Jeopardy?

Adam: I tried out for both, actually, because I met the eligibility requirements. That’s just how it shaped up.

‘Cac: Are we going to see the “Marshall Center for Ultimate Frisbee” on Mayflower Hill anytime soon?

Adam:I was thinking more about a center for kids who can’t read good and want to learn to do other stuff.

‘Cac: But really, any plans with the money? Or is it going straight to tuition?

Adam: I don’t get the money until midway through the fall, and arrangements for tuition had already been made, so… I guess I have no immediate use for most of the money. The best suggestion I’ve gotten so far is from one of the kids at the summer camp I work at, who told me I should buy a mansion.

‘Cac: I hate to bring it up, but, dude, Indigo? I literally got two questions right all game and that was one of them.

Adam: I was so happy I figured out the spectrum in my head that I forgot about the part of the clue that said “sad” and just picked one of the colors between green and violet at random.

‘Cac: How Canadian is Alex Trebek?

Adam: Not very. You’ll notice that he pronounces “sorry” just like us good, honest folk south of the border.

‘Cac: Time to come clean. Do you use performance-enhancing drugs?

Adam: If Ken Jennings doesn’t do them, then neither do I.

‘Cac: Are you single? DTF?

Adam: I have three dozen friend requests in my inbox from strangers who want to know just that.

‘Cac: Boxers or briefs?

Adam: Boxers.

‘Cac: What’s the best class you’ve taken so far at Colby? What’s the worst?

Adam: Are my professors going to see this? No comment.

‘Cac: Thoughts on the upcoming Harry Potter finale?

Adam: I’m seeing it at midnight.

‘Cac: Adam Marshall. Ken Jennings. Watson. Who wins?

Adam: Me. It’s not that hard to unplug a computer, and with both of them offline I win in a rout.

‘Cac: Describe yourself in a Jeopardy clue.

Adam: This Colby student had Alex Trebek insult his mathematical abilities in front of a national audience.

‘Cac: Finally, if you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

Adam: Not that I’ve thought about it too much, but when I had control of the board and ended up switching categories to colors, I would have picked the fourth clue in the artists category, which was where I correctly guessed that the daily double was in the first place. The Judy Chicago question, which I knew, would have given me enough money to make it a lock game going into Final Jeopardy, making the fact that I didn’t know the final clue irrelevant. But that’s just, you know, a hypothetical.

Adam, you’re off the hot seat. Thanks for letting us use you.

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