To pass the time…

Thought Catalog’s “Top 5 Things Posted on FB Walls.” Pick one and go…go now…

1. Miss your FACE girlie. Drinks soon?

2. Um, did last night even happen? FML. So hungover.

3. It’s our one year, honey. I am so madly in love with you. You light up my life. Every day is a dream with you. See you in 30 minutes. Do you want to do Italian tonight?

4. Will I see you at Christmas this year? Love to the family!

5. It’s been ages. How ya been, man?

A Yale undergrad came up with this slacker solution for using Facebook at work. God forbid you don’t get my “Miss your FACE girlie. Drinks soon?” post until you’re on the train…

And, last but not least, pretty sure someone in the ‘Cac is behind this new Douche Watch tumblr. Instinct tells me you may have a picture or two to contribute.


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