Couple of ‘Cac-ians Killing It In the Pros Like It Ain’t No Thang

Etc, e.g., i.e., and n.b. from the sports world today:

Khari Stephenson, formal Williams Purple Eph, scored the game-winning goal for MLS’ San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday. But, it’s soccer. It’s soccer.

-Speaking of soccer, the American women lost their World Cup match today with Sweden, 2-1. ESPN will have you believe that the Americans are the co-favorites, but they’ll lose in the quarterfinals to Brazil.

-‘Herst grad Neal Huntington ’91 bringing the Pittsburgh Pirates off the ledge and towards respectability. Andrew McCutchen probably isn’t hurting either.

-The Boston Red Sox won last night on a totally correct call at the plate in the bottom of the ninth. Jose Bautista is still on steroids and still irrelevant.

-And, finally, I lost 10 consecutive games of Kan Jam on the 4th. I can confidently say that our competition was stronger than that of the video even with the mandatory drink-in-hand rule in effect.

Happy hump day. From now on, it gets better.

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