‘Cac readers get 10% off Hydros Bottle purchases

You’re pretty athletic (that’s not a question, we know you are.)

And you like saving the earth (again, not a question.)

So it’s high time you got your fine self a Hydros Bottle. “The Hydros Bottle is a filtering water bottle that turns questionable water – from public water fountains, bathroom taps, and kitchen skins – into crisp, clean water. Our Hydros filter can take out chlorine, chloramines, and particulates from tap water. The portable Hydros Bottle even makes it easier for people to stay hydrated! People can take it wherever they go and fill it up.

BAM. Besides, it would look totally swank in the cupholder of the gym’s elliptical, a visual respite from FoxNews. It will also give you superpowers– like Sam Fuld:

Oh, I’m sorry, did I mention that ‘CAC READERS GET 10% OFF ALL PURCHASES ON THE SITE?! Click here for your discount.

If your student government is anything like Bowdoin’s they just spent inordinate amounts of money on three special-water water fountains. I don’t know where they’re located, you don’t know where they’re located…just take it with you. And find out about Operation Hydros from our interview with the founders below:

The ‘Cac: Who started Operation Hydros and why?

OH: Operation Hydros was started by two recent Penn graduates, Aakash Mathur and Jay Parekh. In Spring 2009, Aakash and Jay were busy writing a business plan for the Dell Social Innovation Competition. Their idea: sell a filtering water bottle to raise money for global water projects and rid the world of plastic bottled water. After finishing as semifinalists in the competition, they walked away from their future jobs, emptied their tiny bank accounts, and set out to develop the first prototype. In less than a year they found investors, manufacturing partners, and retail placement in Whole Foods. Hydros stands strong to fight against the Global Water Crisis and help save the environment.

The ‘Cac: What are the environmental benefits of using a Hydros water bottle?

OH: Every year, 38 billion water bottles are discarded into landfills. One Hydros Bottle is equivalent to 200 disposable water bottles – that’s 200 plastic bottles that won’t go to landfill! Also, we must not forget about those 1.1 billion people who do not have access to drinking water. From every bottle sold, we donate $1 towards our water projects.

The ‘Cac: Can you give an example of a water infrastructure project that Hydros profits might support?

OH: Hydros is partnered with Engineer Without Borders USA to build water infrastructures in places where drinking water is not available. Our first water project is taking place in Gundom, a small village in Cameroon. We are almost done with our first water project and hope to start 4-5 more by the end of this year.

The ‘Cac: Any other designs in the works?

Hydros is constantly looking for ways to improve. Our fans like to check on Facebook and Twitter to get constant updates from the organization. Join us!

2 thoughts on “‘Cac readers get 10% off Hydros Bottle purchases

  1. Buck (by the bathroom and upstairs weights), Moulton by the boys bathroom, and the union to the right of the C store. 3 water fountains at Bowdoin..there’s also the special water in the dining halls (shit, we’re prissy)

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