Did this guy go to Brodoin?

Hell yes he did. #baseballbro #comedyho #yahknow?

Barstool U  Man I can’t stand people like this.  People that think just because they got something to promote it’s OK to circumvent all the unwritten rules of common decency.  Oh you’re a comedian huh?  Well I’m a fucking subway rider trying to get from point A to point B as quickly and peacefully as possible.  Want to sit on the train and not get stabbed or spit on or shit on or panhandled on.  Just vibe out to my iPod and hop off at my stop and get on home.  Absolute last thing on planet Earth that I want to put up with is some obnoxious attention whore trying to get people to follow him on fucking Twitter.  Rest assured if this happened to me I would not go quietly into the night, quite the contrary I would gather up some fellow straphangers and we would be united in our common interests of annihilating the fuck out of this asshole’s face for screaming in my ear with a fucking bullhorn while I’m trying to get to work.

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