(More) Total Social House Move

It never ends, but in case you missed my first installment.

12:30AM-1:00AM aka the party TSHM

Next day clean-up armageddon TSHM

Judging people by what they wear to the annual Inappropriate Party TSHM

Frantically trying to figure out if somewhere else is “happening” TSHM

Holding the house meeting in the weight room TSHM

Nobody showed up to the house meeting TSHM

First name basis with every Dominoes delivery man/woman TSHM

Propping door open with handle+rando security walk-through #badtiming TSHM

All we have in the refrigerator is Vitamin Water, ketchup, and a rugby ball TSHM

Rules for fistfights: If they’re ‘Cac fight back, if they’re from out of town back down #hostrules TSHM

The DJ is on the first floor, the party is in the basement TSHM

We don’t bother to play Closing Time, you’ll know the party’s over when you see someone arguing with security at the door TSHM


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