When the inevitable happens…

So. It’s the week before finals. You didn’t get those internships. You didn’t get that local job (which would have been totally sweet since you already know your way around the cute college town, or if you go to Trinity…well you know your way around). Without the time for more planning, the only foreseeable prospect for summer is looking like a job at home.

Oh wait. Those are super hard to get. If you are lucky enough to snag a hometown job, you’re doing better than me – after 30 applications or so, I’m a pro at a quick input of my resume, calling for interviews, and accepting disappointing results.

Right now, it’s really difficult to land a job as a college student. We’re unskilled (and of course, stay that way because we can’t get hired in order to attain those skills), are only around temporarily, and can’t promise to come back for the following summer. So what to do? Some of us have to earn money to support ourselves during school, and others of us need something to do so we don’t go insane. Or maybe a combo of both.

In case you or your friends are in this position and haven’t found an occupation yet, or if you have, are looking for more (legal) ideas, the ‘Cac has put together some for your benefit. We da best, right?

–       Hit up the rents. You can tell people you’re landscaping (mowing the lawn counts, right?)

–       Actually landscape with a local group – they’re usually looking for help.

–       If landscaping companies aren’t, your neighbors might be.

–       Volunteer – it’s fun, you feel good about it, and you have something to add to your resume.

–       Write for ehow.com – you earn money!

–       Do stuff you usually don’t have time for at schoolio…reading (unassigned), writing, art, see friends, hike…

–       Live with a relative and see what’s going on at their end – perhaps you can make some dough at a local pizza shop or something (good one, right?)

–       Try canvassing – it can be intense knocking on people’s doors four or five hours at a time, but you make money and get come communication skills (beware: a lot of these groups fire you if you don’t raise enough money everyday – you gotta be good).

–       Make/join a blog (the ‘Cac is always looking for more writers…we’re super fun!)

–       Go to the gym. A lot.

–       Explore what’s around you – you haven’t seen everything in your state yet.

–       Camping.

–       Teach yourself something new (how to cook, perhaps?)

–       Have someone else teach you something new (bartending classes, summer classes…)

–       Work on campus (no homework, learn how to walk backwards, have fun?)

–       Be awesome (for some people this is full time).

Whaddup bro. - Photo by Elodie Reed

3 thoughts on “When the inevitable happens…

  1. love it. And since we’re all ‘Cac here, i’m just throwing it out there…Khan Academy has some nice classes, learn finance or chemistry in several 10 minute youtube videos, you know, for fun..

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