I Need A British Accent.

-Seriously life is unfair. While Andy Gray or whoever gets to speak like this, I’m stuck in between a Boston accent and having been raised to not have a Boston accent. “Room” is “rum” but “car” is rarely “cahhhh.” Only when I am drunk.

-SOCCER! PS Hope Solo and Alex Morgan call me.

-Ever wonder what it’s like to try to throw a no-hitter on acid? The crew over at Deadspin did. I hate to use the “hilarity ensues” cliche but hilarity ensues.

#notsohumblebrag This reminds me of that time I almost threw a no-hitter when I was 16. Six-and-one-third innings of just flawless pitching–curveballs, cutters, 9555 mph heat–ruined because fellow ‘Cacian Chris Brown of Middlebury decided, hey, I’m gonna be injured for this game and not play my usual surefire center field, so we’ll let Brian Donaghey play instead oh wait he can’t get to that line drive oh damn the no-hitter’s gone. Would have been the pinnacle of my athletic career, but instead I have to settle for wins on a mediocre Division III tennis team. So thanks, Chris.

-Derek Jeter hit some ball somewhere and Alex Rodriguez waxes poetic about it. “Baseball is so comparable to life,” says A-Rod. Yes. Preach brother. My life is all about making $30 million per year and banging Madonna, too.

-Home Run Derby tonight. Here are the odds:

Jose Bautista 11/4, Prince Fielder 7/2, Matt Holliday 9/2, David Ortiz 19/4, Adrian Gonzalez 11/2, Matt Kemp 7/1, Robinson Cano 17/2, Rickie Weeks 12/1.

Any true degenerates out there? I’m throwing 10 on Robbie Cano to fuel my drinking for the weekend.

One thought on “I Need A British Accent.

  1. This was a great match. Brasil blew it big time. Hope Solo came up big. I have two blogs. My futebol blog is defutebol.net or go to the one on bobbygeedefutebol.wordpress. This is a repeat of my own website.

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