Bowdoin outprepped Trin? Oooooo

Issy, Bowdoin

Most of us don’t even think twice when we throw on our brightly colored shorts and Patagonia fleeces. It’s just what we wear. Well there are people out there judging us for our sartorial choices, but not in a bad way…at least we hope not. Today (July 11, 2011), the Huffington Post published “Preppiest Schools of 2011” and named Bowdoin #7. Last year, the Huffington Post’s “Preppiest Schools of 2010” named Trinity and Conn College among the 10 preppiest, but apparently they didn’t make the cut this year (though not for lack of Polos and Sperrys, I’m sure). The Insider’s Guide to Colleges labels Bowdoin style “patagucci prep,” whatever that means. In defense of Bowdoin students’ individuality, we like to express ourselves through our choices of custom needlepoint belts .


Everybody now:

One thought on “Bowdoin outprepped Trin? Oooooo

  1. This is ludicrous. An outrage. Trincoll is far and away the preppiest school in the ‘cac, followed by Connecticut College. There exist very legitimate prep-star cohorts at Browdoin, Tufts, Amherst, and Williams, as well as the other Maine ‘cacs, but for the most part these schools are more renowned for the outdoor and hipster looks. More on this in the ‘Cacswag posting coming shortly.

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