Fountains of Wayne

I could say Fountains of Weezy for an update, but the Williams alumni band (renowned for Stacy’s Mom) seems to be doing fine on their own. The band was just interviewed in NY Magazine, and–surprisingly– still like each other (mainly.)

“I wish I could say that we are as good friends as when we were sophomores at college,” says Schlesinger, “but we know each other so well, and sometimes that can be a great thing, and sometimes it can be a bad thing. The funny thing is, I feel like when we’re together, we have a great time. And then, when we’re all in different places, sometimes we’ll get into, like, e-mail fights.”

I mean, you still made a career out of writing songs about MILFs with your best friend from college, which is a feat that the occasional “we’re breaking up” e-card can’t tarnish.

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