Girls Suck At Penalty Kicks #justsayin’

My soccer career = dribbling a volleyball in my living room watching the 2006 World Cup + five or six games of intramural soccer at Colby. My penalty kick career = 100% success rate, 1-1, an inch-perfect roller to the lower 90. Does that mean I’m a better soccer player than these girls? Yeah, yeah it does.

I actually watched a good portion of this game: I missed the second half to drive home. There was no way we (and by we, I mean USA. I’m Chinese, not Japanese) were supposed to lose that game. Canada 2015 here we come!

I’ll let my Twitter feed tell the story.







A little Colby love.






But real talk, Alex Morgan call me beep me if you wanna reach me. Hope Solo you can have sloppy seconds.

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