NESCAC Nancy: Wanna see my arboretum?

Just an average NARPrincess living in an ol’ boys’ world

The other day I was waiting for the train when a woman pushing a stroller walked speedily past me. Leaning over to her child–without missing a stride–she exclaimed for the benefit of the entire platform ,”Let’s get you out of this nasty sun!”

Yes, let’s get you out of that big old nasty sun and into a vitamin D deficiency and skin the color of an albino maggot. #areyouserious

You know what’s not nasty? Television. You know what goes great with television? Obesity. Here’s the state of obesity #inthecac:*

*You might have noticed that Cape Cod is unusually prominent. That’s because the Cape provides a disproportionate amount of fun for it’s land mass. New York is pictured in that side box because it’s not a part of the continental ‘Cac. But don’t worry, you can still apply your frequent Fung Wah miles to go there.

Why is Maine so fat?

Couldn’t tell ya…

Though compared to the rest (South) of the country (Midwest) we’re doing great! Amy’s blog is listed under NESCAC Student Blogs, here’s her take on the issue:

“I’ll be returning to my beloved Green Mountain State and the kind of gorgeous only found at Middlebury in less than two months. I’m known to casually account tales of just how attractive MiddKids really are to those less fortunate (people who go to schools where the guys and girls are both on a binary system) and after undergoing an anthropological experiment in which I’ve ventured out of the Middlebury Bubble, I’ve come to several conclusions:

1. The national obesity rate is not 3%
2. lululemon yoga pants only make every girl’s butt look good if the sample population comes from a NESCAC school or CrossFit gym
3. If someone calls you a butterface, say thank you. You could be doing a whole lot worse.

The moral of the story? If you’re at or above the first percentile for attractiveness at your LAC yet have trouble keeping the attention of a spry young fellow who, mysteriously enough, has an organic chemistry midterm to study for every Friday night of the year, don’t give up hope. The men in the real world might not have as big of a sailboat as some of the guys you’ll find in the ‘Cac, but they’ll have no trouble appreciating you as a well-read (and well-dressed) respite from the muffin-topped masses.”

Yeah we’re definitely doing our own thing #inthecac, which sometimes makes it hard to relate to other institutions…

For example, College Candy published this list of things you see on a “perfect” college quad.

See my ‘Cac take in bold below:

1. Sexy Athletes Throwing a Ball Around
Someone you never wanted to see without a shirt on throwing a Frisbee without a shirt

2. Skanky Girls Practically Tanning Naked
Skanky girls wearing winter coats

3. BBQing frat
Some sort of PiG rOaSt, this is where the sexy male athletes come in

4. Musicians
One extremely aggressive ukulele player and a tour full of angry parents

5. Kids Smoking in the Corner
Kids smoking on furniture that’s not supposed to be outside

6. Games of Quad Pong
Ruit. It’s ruit. And that sounds too risky…

7. Walk of Shamers
A kid that just fell off his/her bike, WS’s use the secret tunnel system #harrypottercomplex

8. Non-conformists
Meatless Monday protesters 

9. Argumentative Study Groups
One half of a text fight “#FWB is not the same as #sidechick Paul, it’s over!”

10. Aspiring DJs
Someone listening to music from their iPhone sans headphones, if it’s @timeflies turn it up

11. There was no 11. But certified arboretum #DUH

Stay tuned for more NESCAC Nancy coming soon…

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