The latest Das Racist interview

Just to warn you: halfway through this 11 minute video you will look down and say oh my gosh, it’s only been five and a half minutes, how is that possible?

Don’t stop.

Myself, I was initially put off by the interviewer who couldn’t find a music genre if it punched him in the cochlea. “They are a hip hop group…Come on, no? Ok, rap, rap…I never know which– don’t the terms mean the same thing?”

Dude, #dasracist.

However, there were some pretty poetic moments that could definitely hold their own as a LiveJournal stanza.

“I like guitar too.
More than microphones.
I’m usually just strumming on my guitar quietly in the corner of the room.
You don’t know that side of me 
so it’s not your fault.”

I  like the part where they talked about Wellesley. Come on guys, Wesleyan is not that far of a jump. Just slur a little harder and a ‘Cac reference will pop out.

Also that awkward moment at the end when they whispered unintelligibly. Because sometimes you get the munchies, and singing is hard.


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