Tweets of the week(s) #tweeks

1. That is strange; I didn’t know Asians did pedicures…

2.  But did you eventually get the light bulb screwed in?

3. What?! Really guys, who retweeted this because I am DEFINITELY not following…oh wait. hehehe…

4. Juicy: over, and over, and over again


5. So let me get this straight…if you’re sleeping in tomorrow, wouldn’t that make tomorrow the greatest day? #justsayin

6. Three letters, idol judge…nope can’t do it

7. Napping is my real life, everything else is just a diversion #inception

8. So your cat is bad at unpacking, big deal

9. Bowdoin College: douchier than you! #brokerbackmountain

10. There was a joke that I was going to make but I’m not going to make it because I have self-control and what goes on in the locker room is really none of my business #3xthebutt

11. What ginger people have done to the rest of the world, however, can: trauma

12. Little do they know that WWIII will be a “who wore it better: lululemon pants and tramp stamp”

13. Wroughting– as in my intellect. Also, sweet name bro.

14. I dream about feta/craisin/tuscan panini day you have  no idea.

15. So choose the ice cream

16. Eh, it’s all about what you put in it. I bet he/she is rocking 3 spoonfuls of brown sugar and honey. #bignono

17. All hell breaks loose when there isn’t enough nip to go around

18. Not weird at all– have you tried those chocolate covered Colgate patties?

19. Famous last tweets

20. Tweet game on fire

21. And this diploma would make a great Marauder’s Map! #recycling

22. Approximately $53,000 times 4 (see above)

23. With pail and shovel sauce

24. Also, unstoned

25. No Forever 21 in the National Mall?

26. Notable for four hashtags

27. Y iS Amurica SlIppING?!

28. That awkward moment IRL when dead bodies move

29. It’s not all toots and widdles or whatever you Brits are saying these days






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