No, No, No

How the sports world dealt with Amy Winehouse’s death:

Deadspin commenter “Talib’s Rap Sheet”:


(13*HR+3*BB-2*K) / IP + 3.2 = FIP


HR = Hit Records
BB = Walks (out of rehab)
K = Kilos cocaine over lifespan
IP = Inverse Perm (Scale of 1-10, 1 being MOST, how big is the perm?)
FIP= Future Incident Projection (How many embarrassing incidents will make the news in the future?)

For Amy Winehouse:

HR = 1
BB = 0
K = 8.1
IP = 1

FIP = 0

Barstool Boston:

Winner winner winner chicken dinner!   Congrats to all you Stoolies who had Amy Winehouse in your death pool.  Looks like the chalk came in this time.   Paid 2.80 on a win ticket.  Still beats losing.  Cash those tickets….

PS – Too soon?


I never liked her music. Or rather, I didn’t like “Rehab,” and then I never heard from her again. Please do not compare her to Kurt Cocaine. Cobain.

Amy Winehouse could actually look pretty hot, as pictured above and in every other obit you’ll find online. Then she could look like this. #justsayin

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