Would you rather: pig roast edition

First up, “The Maine Event” at Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville, Maine. It’s 3 days long and lodging is not included. Apparently some of the chefs are kind of a big deal. Money quote: “We don’t have preset menus, or really plan ahead. We drive to Maine a couple days in advance with salt, olive oil, butter, a pig, knives and, oh yeah, wine.” Total cost? A mere $1,000. Lobster will be served.

Second, an event that keeps coming up on the side of my FB and begs for further inquiry. It’s the “Red Neck Olympics and Pig Roast” out of Hebron, Maine. Money quote: ” There will be olympic events such as bobbing for pigs feet , toilet seat horse shoes, an old fashion pie eating contest , wife carrying contest ,the mud flop contest and many more (redneck contestants needed ) there will also be lawn mower races,a wet t shirt contest…” Stop! Stop! I’ve heard enough, how much? 20 dollars.

That’s so cheap, I’ll throw in another money quote:

“At night we will light our 20 foot bomb fire and yes the marshmellows are free. This is for all ages and it is our goal not only to make this event a great summer memoire but also a affordable one . So our food prices will be reasonable . Camping will be free . There will be lots and lots of ice cold beer . We work hard, love loud music ,laughing until we cry , being out side, eating good food with our familys and friends , drinking ice cold beer, playing in the mud, and to me this is what it is to be a redneck. My name is Harold Brooks and I look forward to seeing you At the Redneck Olympics.”

Who ya got?

p.s. In other Maine news, Martha Stewart is celebrating her 70th birthday in the fair state this weekend. Don’t go overboard…

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