Two Brits one Walmart

What is it about a cool accent that makes a video go viral? It seems that certain accents have more…virility? Remember this guy? Check the top comment–it’s a fact.

Now we have two Brits one Walmart blowing up the internet. There are some funny lines to be sure, but I can’t help thinking if I waltzed into Sainsbury’s wearing my visor and fanny pack my commentary would not be as well received.

Newsflash: Sorry we carry our fries in Supersize containers, but you wrap yours in sheets of News of the World and is that realllly any better? Furthermore, you mock the combination of cookies and pizza in the same box. Yo, at least we have the innovation to put that together. You still drink tea even after we humiliated you by dumping it into the world’s biggest heroine needle depository. That was your cue to come up with a new cultural “thing.” You couldn’t, you still drink it, and it’s a damn shame that pointing that out in my Massachusetts accent is not going to get me famous.

I shudder to think what racist things you would say about our combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. But keep doing your thing with your Bangers and Mash, I’d prefer Bangerz and Mash-ups N E day.

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