Kickin’ it

So shark week is upon us, and with it shark couture via Refinery 29.

shark fashion, fashion for shark week

But who am I kidding, that backpack is cool any week of the year…


In other news, Brooks Brothers released their fall lookbooks. These are my favorite guys’ and gals’ looks respectively, but comment if you disagree because I think I have a bit of a color fetish:

^I know this may sound backward to many of you, but somebody get that girl a sandwich. Please.

Ivy Style reprinted a press release from about the bow tie “worn as a scarf” trend: “Bow ties are a hot trend and now there’s a new way to wear them: open-faced. This style is worn more like a scarf and lends an air of elegance and class to your ensemble. John Legend is a big fan of the style, seen here sporting it at the Grammy Awards.”

CLEARLY nobody told them about the belt as a mantle trend…but when has the ‘Cac not been cutting edge?

Belt around the neck swagger, coming to a basement near you

And finally, did we mention that Smathers and Branson sells flasks? I don’t think we did.

Heh heh


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