Tweets of the strong

First things first, let’s make sure you’re in the right place

because according to this gem of a find by @molly_shark we all make mistakes

1. How the other half lives #bye

2. Now that you mention it, Voldemort didn’t have eyebrows…

3. GT get pregnant L #gameplan

4. YEAH! wait…what?

5. I dreamed a dream in time gone byyyyyyy

6. That awkward moment when the link is exactly what it said it would be

7. Pennies and dimes, dimes and pennies

8.  #turnip

9. …5 6 7 8 let’s get married, save the date! #thumbsaresuchaturnon

10. So, what did she say?

11. I hate those mid-afternoon pre-recorded tweets

12. THAT’S who beat me for the Spongebob internship?! For realiel?!


13. Also, class

14. Wipe off that grin

15. Define “forehead”


16. One time I stole a chicks boyfriend and I had dreams about stealing a chicks boyfriend for yearrrrrrs

17. I’ve been inside both #truestory

18. It’s a lonely world little buddies!

19. Slipped my mind, sorry

20. Scooby Doo+ Sangria=

21. face meet palm. palm doesn’t want to talk about this anymore.

22. Here’s a hint: most life-changing events can be summed up by a four letter word followed by “you”

23. Quote and end quote saw each other across a sentence filled with meaningless bullshit. They’ve been together ever since…#commacontestimonials

24. Well, did you offer her some #lululemonsquares?!


People who had awkward moments:

People who love the 90’s:

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