Missing you

So yesterday I went running with a friend who is at Dartmouth (‘Cac treason, I know, I know, but whatevs). They were doing their sophomore summer, and as we ran around, the campus was hoppin’. It made me miss Amherst an incredible amount, and with the next semester only a month away, I thought I would write a little poem about it. Note: I’m an English major, but am NOT good at poetry. Bear with me.


Jammin’ in my purple spandies

And wishin’ I was at Captain Candy’s,

I’m feeling oh so very far

From where the Lord Jeffs and smallpox are!


Right now I could use a trip to Val

Even at the expense of my tummy feeling tres mal,

I would do it for the ol’ team dinner

or to laugh at the lax bros’ messy drinner.


Social quad, we’ll be there soon,

We’ll dirty up your carpets on the first day by noon.

Your old beer stains will be replaced,

Time to party never goes to waste.


Freshman quad, how I long for your green grass,

To walk past it on my way to cross-country whooping my ass.           

The ultimate wannabes and the rampant squirrels

Are nice to stare at on my way to (not actually, people) hurl.


Classes, yeah I miss those too,

Reading two hundred pages a night is something I like to do.

Call me crazy, but it’s worth it.

I like the books, writing and learning shit.


Frost Library I long for your stacks,

For your facilitated task avoidance on the college Macs.

I miss your quiet, your air conditioned peace,

I’ll visit you this year – my workload’s gonna increase.


Thank goodness we’ll have Glee parties again this fall,

It’s just not the same watching Rachel, Finn and Mr. Schuester without all

Of my dorky friends. We keep each other sane

And are each other’s family, simple and plain.


Dorm rooms I can’t wait for your cramped space,

To stuff my crap everywhere, take up every last place.

It’s comfy living. Cozy you might say.

Doesn’t matter much, since I’m not in there all day.


Big dinosaur museum, I have yet to visit you,

I promise I’ll stop by, it’ll be soon too.

Johnson Chapel, someday I’ll get in your tower.

That sounded wrong….sorry, it’s the late hour.


Oh how I long for the August day

When I sweat in my un-air-conditioned car as I make my way

Back home to the ‘Herst, back to school;

Oh Amherst College, I’m missing you.


Photo by Elodie Reed

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