Mail! Mail! I’ve got mail!

One of the cooler things about going to a small liberal arts college is, of course, the diversity. At Amherst, with any given group of people you see, chances are most of those students come from different religious, cultural, geographical, and ethnic backgrounds from each other (and you). It’s great to walk across campus each day and hear three or four languages spoken around you (bro talk included).

A downside of a diverse student body is that chances are your best friend will be on the other side of the country or halfway around the world during summer, and visiting becomes a bit difficult. Email chains, facebook, skype and snail mail are all good ways to keep in touch, but what about camera mail? I ran across this idea internet surfing the other day. It’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-esque, but looks like its pretty fun and simple. You just pop a package with a one-time-use camera attached to it in the mail with a note asking postal workers to take a picture before passing it on. Once your friend receives it, they could take a few shots of their hometown (wherever that may be), and send it back! Fun, right?

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