Hessler signed to Boston Cannons’ practice squad

Tufts reports that the Boston Cannons (that’s Boston, not Chudley!) the area’s Major League Lacrosse team, has signed recent grad DJ Hessler to their practice squad. Some of you might remember DJ from when he was eating Salisbury for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He also happens to be the all-time leading scorer in Jumbos history with 321 points on 140 goals and 181 assists.

July 22nd was DJ’s first practice with the team, and it is unlikely that he’ll be upgraded to the 25-man active roster by the end of the summer. However, we share high hopes for DJ who explained, “After this season is over, the league is adding two more franchises to increase the size to eight teams, so there will be an expansion/supplemental draft sometime in the fall or winter. At that point I could potentially be picked up by a new franchise, or remain with the Cannons and try to work my way into the active roster. It is definitely something I am interested in doing.”

Should the multitalented Hessler stay with the Boston Cannons he would join Middlebury graduate #41 Mike Stone, acquired in the 9th round of the 2010 supplemental draft. Kelly, one of the Cannon Dancers, is also a Midd grad in addition to being a Ph.D candidate at Boston College.

Mike Stone


You know what this means, right? Hessler Fathead. #FTW

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