Tweet and sour

1. Will somebody please help Kreayshawn? She’s lost.


3. Are you questioning Stephen? #hehastheforce

4. Your fault.

5. Hey. I don’t want that on my fingers…

6. Deubitely? Omg it’s already happening!

7. Careful, that counts as an extra topping.

8. If Marvin Gaye could tweet…

9. Just wait til the Vatican gets their hands on autotune.

10. Too Doug on meth, I say no.

11. I’m pretty sure that started with the shopping in the frozen food aisle. #justsaying

12. You might have to use your hands this time

13. Virginities don’t work that way.

14. Bro…brunch?

15. Breeding is a relative term.

16. Famous last tweets.

17. We are not petz.


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