Can we keep him?

This moose was spotted near the Bowdoin campus :

So obviously I have a lot to do before I get back to school. I need to go to Lowes to buy some lumber, I’ll probably even head back a few days early to make sure I have time to finish the Moose Compound behind Pine St. And there’s no way that Bowdoin can say no to this because it’s a multi-function compound: Can BPD break up Pinefest if it’s in a private Moose Compound? Psh. No. And with this policy of containment there will be no moose shit to clean off of Joshua Chamberlain’s grave. #winning

But listen Bowdoin, you won’t have to do anything. I’ve already ordered all of the essentials online…

Obviously, this is a Maine moose so the only moose bed he is going to be sleeping on is a Bean bed. In burlap. So it blends in with the forest floor.

And this Hide-a-Squirrel toy I found on Amazon because what moose wouldn’t want it?

Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs

And I dropped $219.00 well spent on this Wine Barrel Toy Chest from Orvis that he can put his toys in.

Wine Barrel Toy Chest

His neck is a little too thick for a regular collar, but this Tucker Blair belt will suffice. The design is Beer Goggles because he’s going to need to get it in with every girl moose he sees if he wants to do his part for the species…and some of them are not going to be cute.

And a rugby ball. I call it Gibletts and Gravy. All the other moose bros have one.

Oh did I mention? His name is Stunner.

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