Interview with Ill Fits’ Simon O’Connor

Amazing Baby is one of the strongest bands that ever partied on Fountain. They’ve been associated with MGMT, but make no mistake, this band will knock your suspenders off in their own right.

Now, The ‘Cac is excited to report that Simon O’Connor and Don Devore of Amazing Baby have teamed up with Will Berman of MGMT, Johnny Hunt of Foreign Islands, and singer Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (who’s worked with veritable hipster deity Grizzly Bear) on a new project called Ill Fits.

Here’s their first song Blood & Devotion (warning, MAD CATCHY):

We got the low down on Ill Fits from Simon himself, so keep reading for the inside scoop on farts and facial hair, as well as times and locations for Ill Fits’ upcoming shows.

Simon O’Connor on tour in Belgium, Photo Credit: Filler

The ‘Cac: Why start a new musical project now, what do you hope to accomplish with Ill Fits?

SO: After Amazing Baby finished touring our last record, our vocalist moved out of the city making rehearsal/song writing sessions/recording difficult. I started playing with Don, Miles, Will, and Johnny just for fun at first, but we wrote a couple of songs and decided, “fuck it. Lets make this official.”

The ‘Cac: Do you ever play pranks on your band mates?

SO: Well… I am a fan of the good ol’ wake-up-fart-in-the-face or a surprise bell-ringing (flick the crotch), but after living with a bunch of dudes on the road for so long, you realize that it is better for your own well-being if you respect everyone else’s space. On April 1st I usually tell people that I am “in the hospital” for a couple yuks. One time, someone puked on my toothbrush in Scotland.

The ‘Cac: When you’re playing a show, what would you say is the best crowd dynamic?

SO: Drunk or on hallucinogenic drugs.

The ‘Cac: Is there a decade that most influences your music?

SO: I would say, with this particular project, we draw a lot from some the “Paisley Underground” bands that were popping up around the late 70’s and early 80’s… But, there is also a strong early 4AD Records vibe going on. I guess, if you fused the shimmering guitar and new wave psychedelia of the Pale Saints and early Modern English with the joyful, 60’s throwback power-pop of bands like the Distractions, The Db’s, and the Flamin’ Groovies, you could end up with something like Ill Fits… or maybe the Cleaners from Venus… okay… lets say the Cleaners from Venus if they listened to a lot of Janes Addiction/Porno for Pyros and REM.

The ‘Cac: How was music a part of your life when you attended Wesleyan?

SO: I have been in bands since I was 11, so I basically went to school to play music. Though I majored in music, I would say I got the most out of jamming with the amazing musicians who I was lucky enough to go to school with.

The ‘Cac: What advice do you have for aspiring college musicians?

SO: When you start a band, tell everyone its a joke at first and wait until you graduate to get all serious and deep. It’s easier that way. Don’t make a Nerd-Rap record, don’t trash your gear, and try to be involved in more than one project at all times.

The ‘Cac: Can you see yourself at 70 still jamming in a loft somewhere?

SO: If you consider the White House a “Loft.”

The ‘Cac: Facial hair: sometimes, always, or never?

SO: Scrubble (that’s what I call my guys) is pretty constant. I went through puberty at, like, 25 so I am damn proud of whatever I can grow. If I tried to grow a beard, however, I would end up looking like Eric Stoltz‘s testicles…. I can grow a neck-beard. I actually always fantasized about shaving my head and having a hair-neck-brace look going on.


– August 25th @ Bruar Falls, 245 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

– August 27th @ The Schoolhouse, 330 Ellery st, Bushwick, Brooklyn

– September 10th @ Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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