Tweet shooting

1. You know, white. Like T-Pain…and Miles Davis. #jazzonaboat

2. I’ve always regretted not being able to fight in ‘Nam, not being born and all.

3. Swag never left.

4. I forget why I favorited this. I think I was craving crunchy noodles and those teeny tiny orange slices.

5. Some of my deepest one-sided conversations were with SmarterChild. #truestory

6. I do that at Christmas! But with It’s A Wonderful Life and the snow covered suburbs.

7. Hold on, let me consult my spreadsheet.

8. Brunches who betch:

9. Woooooeeeeeeyyyyyyee!!!

10. You know it’s time for retirement when you can feel your teeth jiggling as you brush your butt.

11. 7 Guys 1 Duplex

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