sorry for the wait

Wanted to make this downloadable but I don’t think we have the rights/technology/etc.  I lost an ipod about a year and a half ago, then found it a few days back and with it, this gem. Acquire it. Any means necessary.  This song has been changing lives in Chatham and I feel it is my civil responsibility to bring it to the wider ‘cac community.  The drops are filthy but nothing compares to the 1:13 moment when you remember you’re on the beach instead of at a tantric scandinavian ecstasy rave.


Somewhere between August 25th and August 31st, we will all find ourselves, reluctantly or gratefully, back at our respective Cacademies.  Thus, it can be generally agreed upon that September the Third, or the First Saturday of the 2011-2012 school year, won’t not be Unreal.  No whiffle ball on this day.  Major Leagues.  Diego @ Loyola for the look.


check the hyperlinks on this one, I left some winners.  “Chicken pot pie.  Those are my three favorite things”

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