Summer Lovin’

I heard a stellar story on the radio the other day about some woman going on a blind date, and halfway through her date had some flatulence…and kept on talking, as if nothing was happening (which indeed, it appeared quite a bit was going on). This got me thinking about my friend, who also tried a blind date this summer (much more successfully, I might add), and then I started thinking about summer dating in general. (Thank you for listening to my thought process…and still reading on):

It can be a hairy world out there, folks, but it’s not all bad. Blind dates, facebook flings and general “summer love” can fill the void that comes with the end of the semester (if you are single of course…wouldn’t recommend this for the committed). It can be fun too.

"Can't you feel the romance?" - Photo by Elodie Reed

The summer before my freshman year, I did the whole facebook friending the random incoming freshman thing, and while most of those people I never actually talk, I did end up laying the groundwork for dating my boyfriend. So it can happen.

The friend I mentioned with the blind date – they’re totally dating! Not everything has to play out like Dating in the Dark. And besides, that would be wayyy more awkward.

"Guys: if you show up with a guitar and can actually play it, it's going to go well." - Photo by Elodie Reed

And if you’re not into any of this stuff but want entertainment along the same lines, grab a bunch of girlfriends(…don’t do this if you’re a guy), some brownies and watch the last season of The Bachelorette. It’s trashy, fun to comment on and is supaa entertaining!

Ah, love.

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