Good Old ‘Cacappella

Every year Voices Only compiles “the best” collegiate a cappella tracks, and I am proud to remind everyone thatThe Bobolinks (Middlebury), The Jackson Jills (Tufts) and The Amalgamates (Tufts) all repped the ‘Cac this year with their tracks on the two-disk album. If you’re a fan of collegiate a cappella definitely check out the recordings, and props to Tufts for having two groups make the list!

Now, even though that particular news came out about a month ago I feel it’s worth bringing back up because  we at the ‘Cac are proud to introduce our brand new ‘Cacappella site where all of us a cappella nerds  can  socialize, highlight our various projects and concerts, and easily get in touch with other groups without bugging the absolute hell out of everyone else on campus. (We’ll save that for spontaneous arch concerts.)

So check it out, help us fill in the blanks, and be sure to keep us in the loop about all of your a cappella news!


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