Lax Bros and Lax Gals, Plus Some More Poorly Funded Sports


Hey, the ECAC women’s lacrosse all-stars include Coach of the Year Kate Livesay from Trinity, Trinity’s Kate Romanowsky ’11, Liz Bruno ’12, Liza Beckler ’12, Megan Leonhard ’13, Bowdoin’s Ingrid Oelschlager ’11, and Amherst’s Marta Randall ’13.

The men’s ECAC lacrosse all-stars are out as well. Ahem, Tufts’ offensive player of the year DJ Hessler ’11, Sean Kirwan ’12, Kevin McCormick ’12, Matt Witko ’11 and Alec Bialosky ‘9911, Amherst’s defensive player of the year Devin Acton ’14, Middlebury’s Matt Rayner ’12 and Andrew Conner ’11, Trinity’s Theodore Bascom ’11 and Peter Johnson ’12, and Colby’s Craig Bunker ’11. Great lettuce all around.

Former Trinity squash star Chris Binnie “has reached the finals of the 2011 Caribbean Area Squash Association (CASA) Championship Tournament in Grand Cayman.” Of course he has.

“Former Middlebury College swimmer Sarah Groff ’04 has earned a spot on the 2012 United States Olympic Triathlon Team.”

You’re welcome.

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