Whatever, NY

My family took a mini vacation this past weekend in our good old state of New Hampshire. It was fun, beautiful, and pretty hoppin’ up north. On the way home, I got to thinking…what the hell NESCAC? How does Hamilton get in when they aren’t even in New England, and New Hampshire gets left unrepresented in the ‘Cac? I mean, we do have Dartmouth up here. And we’re more exciting than Vermont (sorry, Middlebury). We’re not totally worthless. Look at what else we’ve got:

"Exciting wildlife" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"Varied dining options" - Photo by Elodie Reed



"Alternative transportation" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"Really really cute deer that are (legally) kept for your enjoyment!" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"Big mountains with beautiful views" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"Open to diverse cultures" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"People!!" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"Extreme sporting (you try biking up Mt. Washington)" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"Good friends" - Photo by Elodie Reed


"Incredible weather" - Photo by Elodie Reed


Totally lame, NESCAC.

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