Crusty quake tweets

1. Wait 5 minutes, it gets better

2. Secret’s out, Ban doubt.

3. Aftershock soundtrack

4. Same, but substitute “HOLY TITS”

5. But it was so esoteric it took me until today to understand

6. You heard the man.

7. Reorientation

8. Just wait til he sharts #Irene

9. Ok, who was supposed to be spotting?!

10. Sameer is no longer with us

11. “I was in the kitchen, cleaning a dish…”

12. Brooke recovered quickly from the Dress As Your Favorite Libyan Rebel party

13. There must be a drinking game for this

14. Tweeted 40 minutes later

15. Come to Cavern Cuts for the best troll trim of your life

16. I look forward to making jokes like this

17. To be fair, they’ve been waiting for an occasion to drink for a while #sinceyesterday

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