Musical Stairs

These stairs could be the cure (or at least a part of the cure) for obesity in America. Too bad the stairs are located in the Odenplan Plaza subway station in STOCKHOLM. At some point in my life, I will head off to Stockholm to do some sightseeing, exploring, something touristy, whatever  the kids are calling it these days, and to play a sonata (ok probably just hot cross buns) on that staircase. I would also like to play Chopsticks, but that could get tricky and would require several other people.  Who’s with me? Euro trip anyone?

While I’m on the subject of musical stairs, let’s talk musical chairs. Playing musical chairs should be an acceptable past time for adults (like stressed out college during finals week… or any week) a) because it’s fun and b) because it could end up like this Ima Robot video:


“If you ain’t first you’re last,”

Low Cal

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